Car Painting / Bumpers or Panel re-sprays

Does your vehicle have damage to its bodywork?

Most common 'car accidents' usually do not even involve you, the owner driver – it's quite often 'hit 'n' run', resulting in accident repair damage being paid for, by you!
So your vehicle has been involved in a minor road traffic accident (without your knowledge!) whilst parked (or stuck in traffic)...or a happy shopper decided to run a shopping trolley into the side of your car whilst you were buying those essential groceries - causing bumper damage, door dents and/or a door ding, (requiring dent repairs/dent removal).

Similarly other panels may also receive vehicle or accident repairs damage, such as car scratches or scuff damage repair requiring  scratch or scuff removal from bodywork followed by car painting.
Or, due to the age of your vehicle as well as it being exposed to too much sun light & poor cleaning/valeting materials used. They all contribute to poor paintwork, paint damage & bodywork looking, feeling/being worn!

At Rossington Car Clinic your car (Alpha Romeo Spider, Aston Martin DB9, Audi Q7, BMW X3, Honda Accord, Jaguar XK, Lexus IS 200, Mercedes Benz E Class, Peugeot 306, Toyota Avensis, VW Golf) will be treated like a baby, handled gently – with care!

Preparation is key to a successfully great looking paint job and for long lasting eye catching paintwork. Time spent on the preparation is exhausting but rewarding. Masking of windscreen, lights, headlights, door handles, indicators, alloys, yes alloy wheels must be masked too. We must not forget that the engine bay will need to be masked, along with the car exhaust system - bumpers too if they are colour coded.

All paintwork / bodywork is painstakingly worked on to remove dents, dings, rust, scratches, scuffs,  etc. Considerable time is spent on car body preparation & conditioning bodywork – preparing it to go on primer inside our clean bodyshop.

Finally once on primer a guide coat is applied to the bodywork to check once more for any dings, dents, scratches that were missed or hard to remove. All bodywork surfaces must be cleaned often whilst car painting, using panel wipe, and air from an air hose should be used to remove unwanted dust/particles that may come into contact with bodywork of vehicle.

Thereafter our car painting team will be begin to respray your vehicle, adding generous coats of colour matched car paint &  2 pack car lacquer.

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