Frequently Asked Questions:

Cosmetic repairs, Refurbishment of alloy wheels are fast becoming  extremely popular services requested by new & used car dealerships, leasing companies, car hire firms and personal customers alike and we are regularly asked questions regarding the processes. FAQ's aims to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding our repair services.

1. "If I give you my car how long will I be without it?"

It really depends on several things. Firstly, type and extent of damage as well as if it's a cosmetic and/or body shop repair. In most cases if it's minor cosmetic damage repairs can be done while you wait or outside your home/work. If it is not cosmetic and has to be taken to one of our garages, we aim to return vehicles to their owners within 3-4 days - minimising vehicle loss and inconvenience.

2"Are you able to repair my bumper split and severe scuffing "to  off-side skirting?"

Indeed we can. We'll save you lot's of money and time by using a method of plastic welding to fuse back the bumper to its original state, colour match and re-spray. The skirting can be restored without  having to replace as well.

3"Will my wheels look like new?"

Yes. In most cases only the 'trained eye' will detect that they are not factory prepared but as our photos show they will look great. 

4. "wheel refurbishing, will it add value to my car?"

Concerning value, wheels are as important to a car as ones kitchen or garden is important to ones home. These improvements add value.

5. "Can you colour match my wheels & bumper?"

Yes, colour matching can be done. It's also far faster and easier if the paint codes are supplied. Obtaining the colour code for an alloy is very difficult so in some cases getting as close as possible is what is done.

6. "Do you lacquer the wheel?"

Yes we use the correct techniques on all vehicle repairs. Only the best two part lacquer is used on all alloy and bodywork repairs. This both protects and gives a glossy finish to the paintwork.

7"Can you spray my rims white?"

Your rims can be sprayed any colour, for an additional £19.99 for one £29.99 for two or £49.99 for a complete set of four.Paint swatches are not used for this exclusive service so you'll have to provide paint codes..

8. "I only have a little scuff.. do I have to pay the full amount?"

Prices vary depending on size of alloy, type of alloy, damage etc. Check out the alloy wheel refurbishment page for prices.

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